FTD the original manufactuer of the aircooled engine blanket/engine diaper and bell wrap
  • constructed in USA with ballistic nylon
  • multiple layers for safety
  • oil absorbant and washable pads
  • made to order
  • nhra acklowleged and BOR approved
  • quick turn around on products
  • many references
  • now available blankets for honda and rotory mazda
  • track approved world wide
  • VW bellhouse wrap designed to fit all  VW bells, now custom fit for Mendeola case

        custom GM powerglide andTH350       
                  transmissions is our specialty
                     drag race , off road, street car
                        e-mail for a personal quote
              NEW Australia distributor
     ftd is a warehouse distributor featuring :
     Transmission Specialties
     Aerospace components


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